Welcome to the Twilight Guitar Blog !

There are three components to this project: the blog, the podcast, and my personal twitter feed.

I use this site as an outlet to express ideas on music in general and since guitar is my main instrument, I called it “Twilight Guitar”. The “Twilight” comes from the fact that I have always been fascinated by that time of day and the quality of light it creates. The mixture of light and dark and the sense of time passing speaks to my love for all things abstract and changeable, like music itself.  I also just really like the sound of the word!

Here you will find my personal blog about things related to what I do, mostly that  means thinking and writing about music and about writing which is my latest passion. I hope you find some things here that are interesting.

Feel free to contact me at any time!


I have been playing guitar since I was fifteen (translation: 36 years) and teaching (in one form or another) for practically as long. There is so much to learn and discover about the guitar and about music in general. One of the ways I like to explore learning music is to simply think and write about it.

It is one thing to pick up your instrument and practice and play, but there is much about music that can be learned away from the instrument that can make you a better player also. Listening is the main way to learn while away from your instrument, but also taking the time to write down your thoughts on the challenges you are facing, or some theory you don’t understand.

This blog is my way of doing that in a way that can be shared.

Here is a brief summary of my current universe


Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar

Electric Bass

Piano (A little)








I enjoy teaching guitar at the local music store – especially the music theory aspects of it.


I play in local rock bands off and on. I love it when we’re booked every weekend, but I love it just as much when we’re not.  I enjoy the time off to just be once in a while. I have done solo gigs, duo gigs, and band gigs for many years and most likely will till the bitter end.

Composing and Recording

I have composed and recorded about 2o pieces of original music and really enjoy the process. These two aspects of musicianship, along with performing, form the core of what it means to be an artist.  I find myself somewhat torn between writing rock songs with lyrics and vocals and writing instrumental songs. One is more like poetry, and the other is pure music. Both are fascinating in their own way but have huge differences in the way they are approached, at least in the way I approach them.

Writing (Books and Blogs)

To date, I have written an and published three books related to music. One is a bit of a how to guide for guitarists interested in a teaching career, one is aimed at music students of all kinds who are trying to get their minds around music theory, and the third is a collection of essays on music and the philosophy of practice, several essays in this book come from the blog but many do not. I am currently working on another music related book that I will announce soon.

I hope you like the blog.  Send me a message !