Riddles Ahead!

This is a short post to announce that I have published another e-book. This one is quite different. It is a book of riddles intended for all ages. It’s called Riddles Ahead: 101 Riddles for Young, Old & Middles.


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I don’t really know where the interest in riddles came from. The only thing I can think of is, when writing my short novel Dream Tangle I used them occasionally throughout the book to serve as clues in the pursuit of an antidote which was central to the plot.

Then, recently, I was applying for a freelance writing job and was asked to supply a sample of how I would approach writing an activity on evolution for first graders, third graders, and high school students. I came up with the idea of using riddles as part of the lesson.

Next, I don’t know how or why, I just started making up riddles. I was having fun with the wordplay, the rhyming, the logic, and the challenge of it all. It was very much like music. The riddles just kept coming and was writing one after the next and trying them out on my family and my students. My goal was to make them fun to read and to solve and, above all to try to avoid them just sounding well, stupid. I don’t know If I have succeeded on all counts, but I sure had some fun writing them. I finished off 101 of them and called it a book.

And guess what. They are still coming. I’m working on volume two already. I’m considering writing a separate book with just music riddles. I am pondering how useful riddles can be in teaching just about any subject. It’s about how the mind works, it’s about the music in the words and the strange logic that makes a riddle challenging, interesting and revealing.

I don’t know where this is all coming from, so I’m just going with it.

Here are a few examples. In the ebook, the answers are hidden and you have to click a link to reveal them, but here I will just put the answer below.

1. We Got This

We’re identical twins and always stay close together. Between us our stories are great. Without us you’ll try and you’ll try and you’ll try but you cant keep our stories all straight.

2. Play Me

I’m fifty and two, but count only till ten, when I jack up my game I’m in court til the end.

3. Dizzy

You see her go all around town. She glides by with hardly a sound. She’s light and she’s quick, no fun when she’s broken, very well rounded and, extremely well spoken.


1. Bookends

2. Deck of Cards

3. Bicycle Tire


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