First Novel is Available

Kindle Version

OK. Here is the blog entry I meant to post earlier tonight.

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve just completed my first (short) novel. It’s a self-published ebook called Dream Tangle. It’s available at the Kindle and Nook eBook stores right now and will be at the Apple iBooks store in a week or so.

What’s it about? Well, here is the official blurb:

Dream Tangle

In a future where dreams are recorded as holograms and marketed like Hollywood movies, a deadly secret is exposed, and rebellious celebrity Angela Pavane must pursue hallucinogenic clues to save lives (including her own) from a mysterious, lethal poison. But she has stolen a core technology that her pursuers will kill to get back. Inspector Ray Lake and three of Angela’s friends find themselves in choppers, deserts, jungles, caves and city skies, seeking an antidote while evading a CEO/scientist and his murderous thugs.

“Dreams were once a place impenetrable to the camera eye. For a time, they were the last remnant of privacy, a dark corner reserved for our battered souls to hide. Into a world already infested with networked cameras, microphones, data tags and motion sensors, the once mysterious and sacred realm of the subconscious now lay exposed and bleeding, sacrificed on the altar of technology. “

The genre is a mix of science fiction, fantasy, crime/detective, action and thriller. It is set in the near future in the U.S. and Mexico and has some new technology at the center of it – notably the ability to record dreams. The main characters include a cellist/celebrity, a scientist/CEO) a retired detective, and a computer programmer along with his parents (a doctor and a green energy entrepreneur).

A first novel had to be somehow related to music (I can’t help it) so the main character, Angela, is a cellist. It gave me a chance to throw in some character traits that musicians could relate to, but the bulk of the story is not directly music related. It’s a quick read, about 150 pages, and kid friendly (apart from a few mild expletives). In other words, PG.

The goal was to tell a good old fashioned story with some twists, turns and surprises. I wanted it to move along quickly and have interesting characters in compelling situations. I’m a fan of snappy dialogue, action and intrigue in stories so, after the first chapter which introduces the publisher/scientist and the core technology, the dialogue and action get moving quickly.

I have been writing short stories, poems, and (starting) novels since high school, letting them mildew in faded notebooks on a bottom shelf. Before e-readers, tablets and self-publishing technologies, the prospect of getting “traditionally” published just seemed too daunting, uncertain and unachievable. This wasn’t made any easier by the fact that I worked at a major medical publishing company for several years, and discovered how authors really get their publishing contracts. Some traditions deserve to die.

Another reason for this post is that I haven’t got a single clue how to market a fiction ebook. (Wait, maybe that’s what publishers are for.) So I’m posting this with the hope that you might be interested enough to give it a try, or to let someone know about the book who you think might be interested. In addition, I’d love to hear from other writers about what strategies they have used to market a fiction ebook.

I’ll be back to writing music articles soon. Thanks for your time!


Here are the links to the Kindle and Nook versions.

Kindle Version
Nook Version
Nook Version

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