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This album is an experiment in improvisation. The recordings were made over the course of two, hot July nights in which I allowed whatever may come through my fingers have the final say.

The original intention was to improvise the songs as a basis for more deliberate composition, but listening to the songs later, I was struck by how they seemed to be so unfamiliar to me, even though I was the one who played them. Something inside urged me to just leave them alone (they weren’t mine to mess with) so I decided to just let them stand (or fall) on their own – warts and all.

Just one example is about 30 seconds into “Broken Compass” when I hit what I first thought was a “wrong” note. It turned out to be my favorite moment on the record because it took me in a really interesting direction. If I was carefully composing these songs, I would most likely have corrected it and never explored where the music was trying to take me.

I doubt that it can ever be known where music comes from or where it takes us. It’s the nature of music to constantly surprise and fuel our imaginations. Like the wind, shifting, twisting, rising and falling around us, both the source and the destination of music are equally mysterious – at least that’s how some of us like it.

M.J. Murphy