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“It’s all about the passion.” – Kevin Mulryne

Hi and welcome to the Twilight Guitar Podcast. Today’s post is a special one. It’s an interview I recorded recently with Kevin Mulryne from Stratford, England. Kevin is the writer, producer and the voice behind the brilliant “Yes Music Podcast”. He is also a musician, a composer and an electronic media specialist.

The Yes Music Podcast has recently been nominated for the European Podcast awards and is well deserving of that nomination. With each episode, Kevin provides in-depth, and insightful analysis of one of the many great Yes albums. As part of the podcast, he also conducts interviews with Yes fans and musicians. I had the honor of being interviewed by Kevin for one of his recent shows, and couldn’t wait to return the favor, so I was ecstatic when he agreed to be interviewed for the Twilight Guitar Podcast.

The interview covers a wide range of topics, including of course the music of Yes, but also his thoughts on music in geneal, music education, social media and podcasting.

So relax and enjoy the conversation, I sure did. And don’t forget to stop by and subscribe to the show.