Three Tracks from Classical Guitar Project

06 Nov

Here are the first three tracks I have recorded for a yet untitled classical guitar album I am working on. They are a little bit rough and have not been mastered yet (I’m not even sure these will be the final takes, but I wanted to post them anyway just for fun.)

This first audio file is the podcast version and contains all three tracks. If you want to listen to the tracks individually, choose them from the list below.

Track 1: “Andante in A Minor” – Mateo Carcassi

The first track is titled “Andante” which translates from the Italian into “moderately slow”. I have found that the slower you play this piece the better it sounds, but the second section just begs for a little faster tempo, so this one just gets played rubato…

Fernando Sor

Track 2: “Estudio 6” Fernando Sor

The second track is called “Estudio 6” and was composed by Spanish classical guitarist Fernando Sor. It was written sometime between 1778 and 1839 and was included as one of Andres Segovia famous “20 Studies for Guitar”.

Track 3: “Greensleeves” Anonymous

The third track is the popular “Greensleeves” which is also the tune of the Christmas classic “What Child is This”. It has always been a favorite melody of mine and there have been so many variations over the years that it can make your head spin, so I chose to play this one pretty straight…


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