Hi, and welcome to the Twilight Guitar Podcast. This podcast is the audio version of my blog of the same name. In it, I plan to provide voice narration of the posts so that you can listen to them instead of reading them. Often, I will include musical examples to demonstrate a point I am making in the post. The intro and outro music that you hear is also music that I have composed or performed by myself.

It’s also an Audioblog.

In addition to the podcasts you will notice that most of the blog posts include the podcast audio at the top of the page – just click the play icon to listen.

The subject matter will include a wide range of music related themes about guitar mainly, but often about music philosophy, music theory, musicology and other related subjects. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll subscribe to the podcast. You can also see the printed version of these posts at http://www.twilightguitar.wordpress.com.

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